Elementary School Resources

Parent Instructions:

  • Each Sunday you will receive an email from your child's teacher with the lessons for the upcoming week. You can also find these lessons in the Elementary Weekly Learning Plans tab, but your child's teacher will provide more personalized directions for their class.

  • Follow the lessons provided, and children should turn in any assignments that are due the following Sunday. There is a yellow highlighted box that shows the exactly what assignments are to be turned in.

  • It is also important that your child work with the digital learning resources that are provided and can be accessed in your child's Portal. Directions for accessing the portal can be found below under the Digital Learning Resources. These include Lexia, Imagine Math, Imagine Math Facts, and any other digital resources your child's class uses.

  • READ & WRITE DAILY!! Reading and writing daily is the BEST thing your student can do to support their learning.

For additional support with learning remotely, please watch this video that will help you understand this process

Below are NISD's iNvest2Learn learning remotely lesson plans for students to work on each week. In the Elementary Weekly Learning Plans tab, you will find the activities that students will do each week while learning at home. These plans will provide you with the resources your child will need to complete the assignments provided. You can also find suggested schedules to follow to help families plan out their learning each week.

Lesson Plans below are for informational purposes only. Watch for weekly videos, updates, or emails from your child's teacher with further information and support for these lessons. Teacher emails will provide the specifics that your child needs to best understand the lessons! If you have any trouble accessing documents, please use your student's NISD login to access any documents that require a login. Thank you!!

For further support, please refer to these additional sites to support students. We also have great activities in the Fine Arts and PE tabs for students to engage in!

If you feel like your student wants more work to do, one of our resources has provided additional support pieces for parents. Our elementary students use Lexia each week. Lexia is a computer program that builds foundational reading skills for students. Lexia is provided a parent resource hub for parents to access additional materials for their children. These resources can be printed or viewed on the screen. Parents can choose resources based on the skills students are working on or need more support on. These are optional and just an additional support piece for our families!

Digital Learning Resources

Most NISD digital tools and resources for students can be found in their personalized portal at portal.nisdtx.org.
Students can login to their portal using their district username and password.
The district is currently determining how to offer HelpDesk services to families. Until then, please email your student's teacher if you have difficulties with digital resources.